Forgive to free yourself 

Discover the gifts of your experience

Acknowledge the qualities of the child that build you

Forgiveness is not forgetting, it is moving from a state of injury to that of healing. It is looking at the pain and drawing out the best from it: the construction of a being. 

Forgiveness is granting yourself the chance to heal, it has nothing to do with the other but everything to do with you. It's giving yourself the ability to reset your mind in order to escape from the recurring patterns that are blocking you. 

This workshop is a step towards understanding the mechanism of forgiveness and supporting your own work of liberation.

Step into your inner peace

10 days to live your alchemy

  • Forgiving yourself

    Forgiving yourself for having suffered, for having stayed silent, for having being afraid, for having sought love through the other.

  • Forgiving the other

    Go beyond grief or pain to discover what they have built.

  • Freeing your heart

    Offering yourself letting go, the change of state from the wound to the construction of the being.

Grant yourself peace

Choose reconciliation with your heart

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  • Creativity

    Drawing, folding and collage combine to offer you a playful approach where you use your hands to release your emotions, your heart in the sweetness.

  • Reflection

    Audio and written texts to inspire you. Look at your wounds from a new angle to discover the offerings.

  • Meditation

    A powerful meditation to cleans karmic cords, release emotional blocks and relax you.

Your workshop in brief

Through inspiring texts, creative workshops and guided meditation, you will be invited to look at yourself differently. You will be invited to explore the resources that you have built on the basis of your experiences, but also to observe the flaws of those who have hurt you to forgive yourself and forgive them.

  • Heal your wounds with a fresh look

  • Letting go with a situation by finding its usefulness in your life

  • Allow yourself inner peace


“"I was angry with someone who" took advantage" of me and who was never satisfied with all the time and energy I spent for her. I went around in circles and was in self-annoyance. This forgiveness, I offered myself by becoming aware, through this workshop, that I was responsible for letting myself be "manipulated" by not listening to my needs. The awareness and these forgiveness released me, made me lighter. They allowed me to listen to myself, to finally respect myself and to feel good. Thank you very much for this gift! "”

Claire-Lise - SwitzerlandClaire-Lise - Switzerland

“I thought I was angry at my ex-partner until I realized that the one I was the most upset about was me. Me for not knowing better, for not having seen him as he was... I forgive myself today and it feels good. Thanks”

Brigitte - FranceBrigitte - France


Workshop created and hosted by

Christel Mesey

Founder of Joy Whisperers - Life coach, NLP Master practitioner, Healer, Intuitive Artist

Christel has coached and trained personal growth enthusiasts all over the world. It is through her 10 years of humanitarian work in both Africa and Asia, that she discovered her passion for knowledge transmission and coaching. She is a certified trainer and NLP Master practitioner as well as energy healer.

Her mantra - from self discovery to self recovery - led her to create personal growth tools and workshops that were recently made available online. These tools offer support and assist all individuals looking for self discovery and growth. One of her best selling personal development tool is Drao, which is getting great reviews all over the world.

It is her own alchemy and personal transformational process that infused all her training program with sincerity and real life experience.

Knowing oneself to love oneself

Acknowledge what you grew from your experience

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  • How does it work?

    During 9 days you will get a new module and inspiration. Each module comes with a personal creative work to do.

  • How long does each module take?

    The audio are about 5 to 15 minutes long. The creative moment should take you 20 minutes or more if you are having fun and feel inspired

  • At the end of the workshop, will I forgive those who have hurt me?

    Forgiveness takes time and to imagine forgiving everyone at once is ambitious but unlikely. Lasting forgiveness is one step at a time. For some the workshop will be a step on a path of forgiveness, there is no magic recipe, just steps that we make to move at its pace.

  • Do I have access to the workshop once completed?

    Yes, access is unlimited in time, so you will have the opportunity to redo it as much as you want.

  • Is the workshop refundable?

    No. Since the workshop is a source of inspiration, it is difficult to place a notion of satisfaction or repayment. It will simply allow you to be clearer with what you want to integrate. In addition the 2 free modules offers you a tour of the full course and concept.

  • Does this workshop replace a therapy?

    The workshop is a spiritual initiatory journey. It does not replace psychological consultations if you are followed by a professional. It can come in addition as an inspiration.

  • An inspiration to move forward

    This workshop is an inspiration, a guidance. The principles covered are from the NLP, coaching but also a spiritual approach. You may agree with what is being presented to you as well as disagree. This is not an absolute truth but a reflection. Remember that at all times you have your free will and your truth and your feelings belong to you and no one here will seek to impose a belief on you.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Welcome
    • Using the platform
  • 2
    Forgive yourself one step at the time
    • Welcome to the heart of forgiveness
    • One forgiveness at a time
    • Rewrite your story: from injury to healing
  • 3
    Extend forgiveness to the other
    • The jolts of forgiveness
    • Soul's pacts
    • Forgiving beyond time and space - Meditation
  • 4
    From forgiveness to gratitude
    • At the heart of forgiveness
    • My life after forgiveness
    • Gratitude & Congratulations